TMVP 2011 #1

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   When you book us, you get us
not contractors who shoot for others.
We only do 1 event a day in order to
give out cilents what they expect.....

 We have been shooting all events
for the last 6 years in widescreen HD.
One of the 1st in Central Florida to film
in high definition, as we feel it captures
the event in the best quality for the future.
Clients then can choose widescreen DVDs,
or Blu Ray HD dvds.

 We have super 8mm cameras also for
those we want the look of their parents
films. 8mm would be used to cut into the HD
video in certain parts. 8mm can also be used
for a short trailer of the event.

 Also using DSLR cameras to capture special
parts of the day.

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